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I currently provide content to small businesses in the form of regular blog posts. A blog is a valuable tool when you have a website, as it increases search engine traffic. Announcing new posts via social media helps to keep things fresh and up-to-date. But on a more personal level, a blog helps your followers and customers get to know you: your values, tastes, influences. A blog helps tell your story and people will invest in your brand. You may provide a service or offer experiences. You may be a maker or creative. Regardless, people love to know about you. Behind-the-scenes information, glimpses into what makes you and your brand unique... readers want to relate!

I can offer engaging blog content to help your website to life and make it a friendlier place.


I'm a regular contributor to Creative Countryside magazine, something I relish. In addition to sending in artwork, I write articles about seasonality: the weather, plant and animal life, foraging, rituals and traditions. I explore how we can live more closely with our natural surroundings and how they can inspire us to become more mindful and creative; how bringing nature indoors can strengthen our bonds with nature and improve wellbeing.

I also help promote the magazine's quarterly printed editions - as well as the online journal - via social media, and previously held the positions of Nature Editor and Deputy Editor.

I can provide articles for your website and/or publication. From reviews of great places to visit to more in-depth and considered pieces, my areas of interest include:

  • Slow and simple living

  • Local, small makers and producers

  • Encouraging a love for nature in children

  • Natural products and seasonal eating

  • Growing and foraging

  • Creating a relaxing home and garden

  • Small adventures.

If you'd like to work with me, or to discuss any ideas in further detail, please contact me at