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Original botanical print: 'Pines'

Original botanical print: 'Pines'


An original A4 size print made using pressed plant material and my typewriter.

I find meaningful quotes and store them in my notebook, ready for typing onto blank paper…

Each print I make is unique and is the result of a considered process: I gather plant material locally through the seasons and preserve it (by pressing and carefully storing) in my own little ‘herbarium’ here on the beautiful Isle of Skye. I often refer to my wildflower guidebooks to identify species and types I’m not already familiar with, and this in itself is part of the journey. Once the stems, flowers and leaves are ready for use I select those for that day’s printmaking (for me, they must relate to one another in form and size) and then mix my inks. The plant material is arranged so it is pleasing to the eye, then the whole thing goes through the etching press.

The print is then left in the workroom to dry for several days and then it’s ready for a new home.

Every print is unique; nothing is digitally reproduced, and because the plant material I use for printmaking is essentially ephemeral, each one captures within it a brief moment of time. The plants I use become brittle with use and eventually disintegrate. And so the whole process of collecting and preserving and printmaking begins again in time with the ever-shifting seasons…

I use recycled cotton rag paper and high quality inks. The recycled rag paper has torn, or ‘deckled’ edges, and a slightly rough texture with the odd mark and imperfection due to the manufacturing process.

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