Sarah H4 Comments


Sarah H4 Comments

Joe has been asking for his own blog, and the easiest way seemed to be to give him a little corner of Frond & Feather. He’d like to add some pictures and write about nature maybe once a week. So, over to Joe:

Hello. I’m Joe and I’m six years old. I live on an island in Scotland and I go to school here. I like sea creatures and wild animals. I’m going to write about things I see and places I go. My favourite places are Talisker Bay, Oronsay the tidal island, and Loch Dunvegan.

This summer I’m going to do lots of fun things:

  • Go on a boat trip

  • Go to an aquarium

  • Make some nature art

  • Explore the beaches

  • Have picnics

And other things we haven’t thought of yet.

My hobbies are reading about sea life, watching Bear Grylls and nature programmes, drawing, and playing outside. Our garden has a stream with fish in it and a rope swing. We have trees and we grow some fruit and vegetables. We also have a cat called Mackie who has one eye, and I have six pet fish in a tank in my bedroom. I would like to get some chickens too (but not in my bedroom!)

I’m very excited about using the camera and sharing some pictures with you.