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A month in winter

Sarah H5 Comments
A month in winter

It’s been a whole month since I wrote a blog post. Life just takes over when Christmas is approaching and the school holidays start…

We also passed the one-year milestone of living here on Skye. In December 2017 we made the long journey in the snow and stayed in a caravan for a few nights before moving into a rented house. It’s been quite an experience and I’m looking forward to writing about the highs and lows of such a big life change.

I’m actually rewriting this as I just put a very considered post together and went to publish it and… I wasn’t logged in. So everything was lost. Thanks, Squarespace!

Moving on.

We’ve had a lovely quiet Christmas. A little bit of socialising but for the most part we’ve stayed home and relaxed, eaten well and kept as warm as you can in the Hebrides in midwinter. There’s been a lot of walking too.

The pictures below are from Christmas Day itself; it didn’t seem to get light at all but we had a very quick walk down to the shore before returning to the house for yet more chocolate. I took a few photos through our windows because I’m allowed to do that, and as you can see we had plenty of twinkly lights on the go.

I’ve taken the decorations down but I still like to keep greenery and candles on the table through the winter. The white fairy lights have stayed up too, and the paperwhites have been replaced by a pot of hyacinths which are slowly emerging. I had a lucky find in the garden yesterday: a little pot of miniature daffodils from last year which should flower soon. They’re now living on the windowsill. I’m craving daffodils.


I have lots of plans for January; I was approached last month about running some more workshops and had a really exciting meeting so that should all be happening soon. My lovely new diary is being scribbled in already; Joe’s back at school so I’m playing catch up, and I have plans for new blog posts about a considered and mindful 2019…

It’s an odd time of year in some ways. There are still a few remnants of Christmas left over (good ones) like finishing watching The Box of Delights together (a bit of a festive tradition) and - for Jay at least - finishing off the Stilton and Serrano ham. Joe’s getting a chocolate coin hidden in his packed lunch every day.

Right now I’m savouring all the good things: the new Lumie alarm clock Jay bought me (not an advertisement, just an appreciation of soft light); all the books I received for Christmas; Joe’s continued fascination with ocean creatures (the drawings! The endless facts!); pale skies and wild geese flying over the house twice a day; first snowdrops (spotted at the weekend); empty beaches at low tide; cold, clean island air…

Wishing you a happy and peaceful 2019.