Summer scrapbook

Summer scrapbook

So here I am, a good few weeks since my last post. It's been a long summer break for Joe and he started back at school last Tuesday. He turns six on Wednesday, too. How did that happen? My little one is suddenly missing two milk teeth and is getting tall.

We've done a lot during the holidays, mostly on the island. At the weekend Jay was working so I drove Joe down to Armadale castle on the Sleat peninsula. Well over fifty miles each way but worth it; we had a beautiful sunny day with just a whisper of autumn about it. We explored the gardens and museum, ate a picnic lunch, had drinks in the cafe and spent a good few hours in the play area (which has spectacular views across the water to the mainland).

We've been out closer to home too. Discovering new hidden beaches and hunting for toadstools and mushrooms; we even bought a little identification guide. Joe's desperate to find a perfect Fly Agaric, shiny and red and without a single blemish, let alone tooth mark. I suspect we may have left it a tiny bit too late...

Just looking through all our pictures I can see autumn's on its way. We leave the kitchen door open to welcome in the new season. Although everywhere's still very green, there are leaves turning and many of the wild flowers have gone to seed. The front lawn is host to some big, creamy mushrooms and the pumpkins in the back are swelling. I'm looking forward to writing a post about getting the house ready for autumn...

Apparently August is not a good month for Skye in terms of weather. We've had our fair share of rain and wind, but plenty of mild and sunny days too. The waterproofs have had an airing; sometimes it's a case of layering up and braving it unless you want to stay housebound. Drizzly expeditions down to the shore are brightened by luminous seaweed in shades of ochre and acid green, and now bright rowan berries are dotting the trees along the roads.

We're making the most of these last summer days. Before too long many places will close and the tourists will start to dwindle along with the daylight hours. Much as I love autumn, I don't want to wish our afternoon adventures away just yet.