Postcards from Bolton Abbey

Postcards from Bolton Abbey

I don't know about you, but when I'm reading blog posts I like a lot of pictures and thoughtful, inspiring prose. Usually a bit more of the former - big blocks of text put me off sometimes as I'm quite a visual person. Aesthetics are everything. And I tend to save reading for bedtime (or the odd precious, solitary hour I may find myself gifted with - and even then the Guilt usually wins and I end up ditching the book and making myself busy).

Anyway: this post has a lot of pictures. A glorious day spent in Yorkshire, riding from Embsay station to Bolton Abbey (and back again). Our last trip of the summer holidays. And a few new departures too: I don't generally take pictures of landscapes, being a bit of a details fanatic, but the views were too lovely not to. I rarely appear in front of the camera either but this time I have. A rare moment (or two) of bravery on my part.

I've always wanted to visit Bolton Abbey but have only ever seen it in photographs (and on an episode of The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon). It was well worth it, surprisingly close to home and yes: Joe did fall in the water. The gaps between those famous stepping stones are very wide for little legs.

So. To return to the original point. Lots of pictures. And the accompanying words end here.