In both senses of the word. 

The garden's looking very full, particularly around the edges. I've been out with my camera to capture the shapes and forms: Hostas, Honesty seed heads, even the weedy bit by the fence with the cleavers growing between the Dicentra and hazel tree. It's all so I can sketch ideas for printmaking.

The houseplants seem to be having a moment too. I love my trailing Rosary Vine (or String of Hearts), recently moved from the living room window to a high shelf in the kitchen. It seems very happy with the change of scenery. 

We have a windowsill full of geranium cuttings, miniature cacti, tree seedlings (freebies from The Woodland Trust) and miscellaneous other growing things. That includes a saucer with carrot tops sprouting. Joe keeps a very keen eye on their progress.

I already wrote in a previous post about feeling more inspired. And lately I've been doing a bit more printmaking: just very simple stuff with rubbers and an inkpad. But I saw a few images on Pinterest of handmade notebooks, and last week I ordered a few bits of kit for bookbinding. 

I used The Vintage Paper Company and they were great - quick delivery, carefully packaged. No, this isn't a sponsored post but I was really pleased with the service and products so: credit where credit's due. I enjoy buying from small independent businesses (particularly those which are in far-flung places!)

So, deciding to put some of the handmade paper I bought recently in the Lake District to good use, I printed it to use as notebook covers. Then I followed a little online tutorial and stitched together the pages. And just like that, three notebooks. I really want to make some more and try some more complicated techniques so that's the plan for my next making session...