Sarah H

Things to do in Autumn

Sarah H
Things to do in Autumn

Here I am with another this-and-that kind of post. The title reminds me of old Ladybird books and seems apt considering half term's now upon us. There'll be plenty of activities aimed at keeping Joe entertained and me sane.

Last week was a good one too - a bit of creative output, some socialising with friends, jobs getting done, orders being posted out.

So, in my list of Things I've Done in Autumn lately:

Taken short walks in the mornings after the school drop-off

Drank hot coffee on my return 

Felt excited about the first frost (but also slightly concerned re. bringing the geraniums in) 

Bought a new (subtly) scented candle which smells like Christmas trees

Made hot chocolate made with hazelnut milk

Enjoyed light (and shadows) in the house after all that rain

Decorated the mantel with Halloween things: gourds, pumpkins, books and my little bird's skull from Skye

Doodled at the table whilst Joe got into crayoning (his latest obsession: flags and landmarks)

Partied at the cricket club - it was the Halloween bash on Friday night

Helped a photographer friend with some festive styling ideas... and then we went collecting hydrangea heads for drying.

And lots of other things, including finishing two pieces for the next Creative Countryside issue. I am, by the way, really excited that there's been enough demand for another print run; it's so good to know people are reading the magazine, enjoying it and recommending it.

And what about Things to do in Autumn during half term? Well, Joe's away for a few nights at the end of the week but before then we've got plans: pumpkin carving, flapjack baking, a library visit, a woodland walk with friends, a get-together with more friends (and a look at their house as it's currently undergoing a big renovation), practising joined up writing (school have requested it) and making cyanotype prints if the sun comes out.

That should keep us occupied, in between the more mundane stuff: dropping off paperwork with the solicitor, boots with the cobbler, collecting dry cleaning (when did it get so expensive?) and going to the bank. And the days are now getting shorter. All the more reason to savour the autumn...