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About me

My name's Sarah and I'm an artist and writer. 

I live on the Isle of Skye with my partner and little boy. We moved here in the winter of 2017 from the Lancashire Pennines and currently reside in an old crofter's house filled with books, found treasures and furniture with a story to tell. We're surrounded by hills and look directly out onto a loch and the mountains. We're never short of options when it comes to doorstep adventures: beaches, castles, lighthouses, forests. A little further afield we can take the ferry to the Outer Hebrides. As newcomers who've only holidayed here before, there's much to explore.

I write about the seasons, nature and simple living. We live a quiet life where pleasure is found in the little details - those we notice when we slow down and savour what we already have: good times with friends and family, wholesome and tasty things to eat, gentle home comforts. To me, connecting with the outdoors each day is vital. That time spent somewhere green and wild, either alone or sometimes with others, is when I feel the most inspired and peaceful.

So, after years of working in various fields including arts administration, teaching and a brief dabble with floristry, I decided to finally take the plunge and use my creativity to work for myself. I started drawing again. I learned the techniques for making lino and mono prints. My personal blog started to bring me into contact with some lovely people and we collaborated on various projects. This in turn led to my starting an additional blog - Frond & Feather - about my work and the things that inspire me. I'm also Nature Editor for Creative Countryside magazine, where I write alongside some truly talented people, about the things I love.

If you'd like to work with me, or would like to discuss a potential project, please take a look below at what I can do and get in touch:



I have a deep love of the written word (my ever-growing and much re-read book collection is a testament to this) and am an English graduate; indeed, I went on to train and work as an English teacher straight after university. I always managed to somehow incorporate writing into subsequent jobs by establishing and editing company newsletters and zines.

During the past few years I've been involved in several collaborations with other bloggers, from curating beautiful and inspiring content from the web to writing regular lyrical pieces on 'Precious Things' - little keepsakes and items of sentimental value, and linking up with a monthly series on the psychology of colour. I was previously a member of the team for Sarah Raven's blog and am currently a contributor to This is Your Kingdom.

I entered the online world with my own personal blog, which served as both a memory journal and a place to keep my favourite photographs. After almost four years I decided to move on and now inhabit this space which I fill with my favourite things.

The position of Nature Editor at Creative Countryside is something I truly relish. I have the opportunity to create articles (accompanied by my own photographs) about plants, the countryside, the weather, foraging... And share it all via social media, directing followers to this beautiful and inspiring online journal and quarterly printed magazine.

So - what can I offer you as a working partner?

  • Engaging and inspired blog content (and photography) for your website
  • Beautifully-written, considered articles for journals and magazines on seasonality, slow living, nature, creativity and instilling children with a love of the outdoors 
  • Reviews of places and experiences which fit with the Frond & Feather ethos of simplicity and seasonal living, celebrating the small and the local.

Artwork: illustration and logo design

I make detailed studies of plants, flowers and other natural objects using ink and watercolour. Although these are usually commissioned for personalised gifts, I also design bespoke and unique logos for blogs and events. If you're interested in my artwork for a project you have in mind, please contact me for a chat.


Artwork: printmaking

I collect plant and flower specimens which are then identified using my collection of plant guides. I press them to use in mono prints or make sketches for lino printing. Again, my prints are all unique and are suitable for use in digital or paper publications. I can also provide small collections of prints should you be interested in stocking them for resale.