I am Nature Editor for Creative Countryside magazine, which gives me the opportunity to write about my passion for the outdoors and seasonal living. I also source interesting, inspiring content and help promote the magazine via social media platforms.

I've written my personal blog, Mitenska, for almost four years and it's where I keep a journal of my thoughts, photographs and our little adventures as a family. It's proved to be a great way of connecting with other bloggers and has led to many exciting collaborative projects.

I have a wealth of writing experience and a deep love for the written word. I graduated in English, went on to teach for a while and have since always found a way to incorporate writing and editing into my subsequent career in arts administration, by producing newsletters and assisting with various in-house publications.

I'm also a contributor to This is Your Kingdom and was previously a member of the blogging team for the Sarah Raven website.

I offer a range of services, including:
Writing blogs for websites
Creating written content for sites, publications and online journals (articles, instructional features etc.)

The only thing I would stipulate: I write about products and subjects which inspire me and which are in keeping with what I do. So yes to lifestyle, nature and gardens, books and travel, family and food, making and crafting.

I don't, however, write sponsored posts for my site.

If you'd like to work with me, please get in touch at frondandfeather@gmail.com.