About me...

And Frond & Feather.

This is the place where I share my pictures and stories. 

I'm a naturalist, a lover of seasonal living and of savouring life's little moments - the details we only notice by allowing ourselves to slow down.

I live in the Pennines with my partner and my little boy, Joe. We reside in a small cottage with an even smaller garden but are surrounded by moorland and woods, fields and quiet places. 

These are the places where I go, sometimes alone, sometimes with family, to seek inspiration for my work: illustrating, writing, printmaking. I always carry my camera (being a photographer too), and something to bring my treasures home in. Leaves to press, flowers to study...

Joe loves being outdoors so we often go adventuring together. It's very important to me that he grows up with a passion and respect for the natural world just as I did. So expect to see him appearing here at Frond & Feather. He's my little companion who happily trots alongside me as we explore the countryside on our doorstep.

If you're interested in my artwork, or would like to work with me, please email me: