Friday, 10 March 2017


...Is almost here. Just a few more weeks to go. And I've been (nearly) as busy as all those nest-building birds. Not in a domestic sense, though - in a creative one.

I recently opened an Etsy shop, and listing everything took a while. But there was (and still is) even more. So I decided to add the cards I've made lately.

Of course, with product listings comes product photography. I really dislike product photography.

This may seem odd coming from someone who loves taking pictures. But I think it's because, when you're having to be technical and keep things uniform, it sucks the joy out of the whole process. I have to use a tripod. I have to consider lighting more than I usually would.

And with this house often being devoid of light during the winter months, setting up for a photo shoot can be a bit of a headache.


I read around a bit. I procured this lovely backdrop. I even made a reflector using tin foil and a piece of plywood. 

Even better, on Thursday I went straight from dropping Joe at school to collecting some scraps of foliage from the hedgerows nearby. It turned into a bit of a walk, but the sun was out so I make no apologies for that :)

And when I got home I just played with set-ups and had a good old faff. I poked around the house looking for little things to use as props (you can see more in the photos here) and just generally got on with it.

And I surprise myself even now by admitting that I actually enjoyed it.

Of course, the lighting was still far from perfect - especially as the clouds kept covering the sun then disappearing again, making consistency a bit difficult - but once I'd cleared everything away from inquisitive little hands, I managed to get some editing done before school pick up time.

I've put some pictures in from a walk we took at the weekend. Even though this blog's mainly about my work and my creative process, family life is part of that. I get ideas and take pictures while we're out and about, and Joe learns about nature and the seasons.

There's colour appearing here and there. Our garden is primarily still brown and sleeping, but there are splashes of pink from the hellebores and bright yellow from the miniature daffodils. Perhaps a hellebore lino print is in the pipeline...

I've pencilled in a 'Week of Making' which starts on 27th March. I tend to work best if there's some kind of schedule. This is particularly true if there are lots of projects on the go; otherwise I end up doing a bit of this and a bit of that and nothing ever gets finished.

Still, I can cross the shop update off my list. As the weather gets brighter (and there have been a few lovely blue March days so far) I'll be getting outside more and more, looking for inspiration. I'm also hoping to do a sketch a day to maintain my creativity and my drawing skills. Just simple line drawings. And maybe I'll share my sketchbooks here when there's something to show!

P.S. The photos at the top and bottom of this post were just taken for practice. I have a lot to learn when it comes to flat lay styling...

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  1. look up makelight on Instagram or their website. they have some free (for now at least) courses on flat lays and they're pretty good x

    but I think yours are lovely already x