Monday, 20 February 2017

Late February in the work room...

Just a post-half term catch-up... And a chance to share a recent commission for a personalised painting (for a new baby).

Of course, I can't share any of this kind of work until I know it's gone to the recipient and they've opened it. Because usually, these commissioned pieces are given as gifts.

Half term was good fun: walking, playing at the park, meeting up with friends... And then Joe stayed with his grandparents for a few days. That gave me the opportunity to get ready for a small craft fair (which turned out to be beyond dismal - there's a good reason I don't usually do these things, and Saturday evening's experience only made me more resolute to avoid them).

But I did make some lovely cards and a few more prints. I might add some to my shop later this week.

The plan for the rest of February (and much of March) is to start looking at new stockists and approaching them. Not something I enjoy, being a bit of an introvert, but you often find that many people are nice. Even if the answer's a no, they're often willing to try and help in some way. You do get the odd one who's a bit rude but I suppose that's just how some people are...

It's all about finding the right shop, gallery, town. And thinking about commission, how much stock you can actually provide and whether people want an 'exclusive' on your work within a certain geographical area.

Also, whether you want to sell the same items you have on your website. Because if you're factoring in the usual 30% - 50% commission, you need to consider prices. A shop won't want a print you're selling commission-free online for £15 if you're asking them for more than that; customers can just buy directly from the maker.

And there's also the question of sale or return. Do you sell your stock upfront to the stockist, or do they simply pay you as and when each item sells?

Lots to think about. And lots to ask other artists and makers. Because that's the good thing about small creative business owners: they're always happy to share advice and give others a leg up.

Right, I'm off to try and get my business head on. Time for some research!

And perhaps a snack to get me going.

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